Some Pictures of Trivandrum, Kerala, India, 8 July 2002

A typical view of the street in Trivandrum, between our house in Sastamanglam and downtown

A typical view of the sidewalk in Trivandrum: a pile of garbage. Unlike US garbage, much of this is biodegradeable. This is near our house in Sastamanglam.

Garbage is not sufficient to sustain this pathetic creature, shown here whining for milk (which she later receives). Notice the fur missing from her tail.

Dan feeds cheese to the scrawny pathetic kitten and one of her healthier sisters. This is as close as they've ever gotten to us.

A typical view on the road to Technopark. Note the bodacious Tata. Roger is on the left, and Satee is on the right, and visible in the rearview mirror which he uses exclusively for watching passengers.

Dan in the lobby of a swanky hotel after a swanky $7 meal.

A typical scene in our house in Sastamanglam. Roger (right) sits at the dining room table, drawing a comic book. Ariel (left) recently returned from Bangkok.

Dan and Nina, reunited at last.