More Pictures of Trivandrum, Kerala, India, 9 July 2002


The Nila Building in Technopark, shot out the car window.

Reba, promoting the virtues of Indian tea, at the Rangoli cafeteria in the Nila building.

Some Toonz creatives enjoying breakfast at Nila.

Dan,left, straggling into Roger's office late because he has a cold. Ariel is on the right.

The intrepid Satee, who drives us back and forth and back and forth. This is the first picture I took with my new camera.

Madhavan, Roger's ace assistant, manning the pencil tester.

Dan, hard at work on "The Adventures of Tenali Raman."

Typical view out the car window. Our car is an "Esteem," which resembles a Toyota.

A local Mosque, with "Ambassador" cars in front. These cars are very common here, they're cool 50's style but still rolling out of factories today.