Guards with wicker shields, outside the State Assembly.

A traffic jam in downtown Trivandrum.

Still in the traffic jam. Motorcycles typically seat two or three.

The monsoon arrives at last! This was made with two pictures I stuck together with the free "PanoramaMaker" program that came with my camera, because why not.

This picture captures a lot of Trivandrum for me: busses, motorcycles with multiple riders, lush greenery and palm trees, a woman wearing a Salwar Kameez, and an auto-rickshaw (from which this photo was taken).

Another very typical view of Trivandrum.

At last we reach our destination: Technopark, "The Greenest Electronics Technopolis In The World." Dan took this from a very flattering angle. You can almost see the unicorns and fairies frolicking outside the margins.

Another view of Technopark: The Nila Building, photographed by yours truly, whom Dan once called "the Poetess of Blight."