White People Lying Around: Poovar Island Resort 14 July 20002

View from the boat to Poovar. This sort of scenery goes on and on.

A Lotus in the koi pond at the Poovar Resort.

We took a pedal boat across the lagooon to a sandbar. This beach was on the other side.

The LCD viewfinder on my camera is small, so I didn't notice the kid lurking in the background, preparing to assault us with friendliness.

A few minutes later, after a whole bunch of friendly kids had their way with us. Dan's hand is on the shoulder of Kingston, who told us he and his friend in the green shorts are studying for the Catholic priesthood. He greeted us thusly: "Hello! What is your name? Are you Christian?"

We don't know if these are crows or some other bird, but they're all over the place here.

A triumphant Nina, after swimming across the lagoon while Dan pedalled the pedalboat.

A triumphant Nina's-eye-view just prior to napping.

Another nap, closer to the beach this time.