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Jym Dyer, bicycle activist, eco-citizen, and more.  
a GREAT site to learn more about the subject
Leavenworth Jackson Rubber Stamps  
cool, not kitschy, rubber stamps (this is where I got the "pointing finger" stamp for "Pandorama")  
"The purpose of DESIP is to emphasize the connection between rising population pressures, environmental degradation and political and violent conflict."
the band that made the fabulous song "Yeah Yeah," as heard on "Pandorama"
All About Sprawl
I've actually stayed at
"just the facts, ma'am."
-- the best lil' place in Malaysia, and now the evil government wants to put a DAM there.
"May We Live Long and Die Out"
your one e -stop e-graphic e-design e-shop!
great writing, though the concept hasn't caught on yet
political cartoonist who's actually GOOD the Enterprise Institute, which claims we're suffering a "population implosion"
illustrations by me  
"Save the Planet, Kill Yourself!"
World Large Format (70mm) distributors of "Pandorama"
if you appreciate Dada and confusion, you'll appreciate this site;
otherwise, forewarned is four-armed, or something like that.
Large Format film industry trade magazine
lots of stuff about Flash
if you don't "suffer the little children" gladly, this is the place to rant; otherwise, STAY AWAY!
Pandorama in St. Petersburg
Fantoche 1999  
a good news source to check when you're friends are away at some big protest called by capital letters and numbers, like "A16", "D2KLA"
review of Fantoche 1999 animation  
Nik Phelps and the Sprocket Ensemble  
I heart my folding bike
animation composer to the stars  
Interview with me about "Fluff"  
someone considers me worthy of mention in an article on  
someone did an academic presentation on my cartooning predicament! "3. "Nina Paley: Funny Girl or Twisted Sister?" Justin Estes, Louisville, Kentucky.  
Paley, Perkins, Rall and Toles  
includes report of panel with me, Dan Perkins, Ted Rall, and Tom Toles  

Ted Rall calls me a GenX Cultural Icon!