The Ideal Woman


Rama’s wife, daughter of the Earth, incarnation of goddess Lakshmi, embodiment of chastity and purity, Perfect Woman, and doormat.

The God-King

Prince of Ayodhya, avatar (incarnation) of the god Vishnu, heroic warrior, ace archer, embodiment of dharma (law, righteousness, duty, destiny), Perfect Man, and jerk.

The Perfect Servant

Famous Vanara (half monkey, half god), super-strong, able to fly and change size. Loyal servant of Rama and Sita.

The Villain

Ten-headed king of Lanka, and ruler of Rakshasas, a race of demons. A supernatural Snidely Whiplash, Ravana seals his own doom when he abducts Sita and holds her captive in his remote island palace.

The Ramayana is filled with countless additional characters: kings, queens, magical beings, talking animals, demons, gods, servants, warriors, et cetera. Included in Sita Sings the Blues are:

Sage, teacher, and author of the original epic poem, The Ramayana.
Luv & Kush
Twin sons of Rama and Sita
Demoness sister of Ravana, able to change form at will
Older demon, colleague of Ravana, able to change form at will
Disembodied Head of Ravana

Hundreds of additional Vanaras (monkey warriors), Rakshasas (demons), and citizens (humans).

And many more!