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Nina's animation retrospective PLUS her 1997 appearance on the Jerry Springer Show. At the Two Boots Pioneer Theater, November 7th, 2004... 7:00pm

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New and Improved

Thanks to the morons at my previous web host, vanished off the face of the Earth for 2 weeks. My primary email vanished too, creating much anguish as I imagined hundreds of important invitations, job offers, and notices of canonization being lost forever. But I'm back now, with this spiffy new page design, created with much help from pro designer Ariel Colon-Lagares. The rest of the site is a bit of a mess, images not in their proper folders, broken links, that kind of thing, because I didn't have a neat tidy version mirrored at home. Live and learn. Eventually everything will get fixed. Or not.

If you haven't noticed, the new design features this Blog. In addition to the occasional photos, rantings, and self-promotion, I hope to post a selection of ballpoint scratchings scanned from the little notebook I carry around. I'll start with this one from August 13, 2004. That's me destroying the city of New York in a pique of frustration caused by the Windows Tablet PC I was struggling with at the time. Offering moral support in the lower right-hand corner is Ariel. The PC has since been returned, and New York survived unscathed, except for the RNC and its attendant mass arrests, police bike thefts, and official disregard for civil rights.


There are two kinds of people in this world, those that rake the leaves and those that just sit around on their ass and say the leaves need to be raked. Well, actually there are an infinite variety of people ... some lay down in the leaf pile, some take pictures of the leaves, some even make art out of the leaves ... I was just wondering what type of person you are ... when it comes to leaves. Why leaves ... okay, then floods ... hurricanes ... whatever. Are you a play in the sun type person ... or maybe too complicate a person to put in a little box like this. Me ... well, I'm probably a bit of all the above and more. Too complicated to put into a box, especially one made out of leaves. My point ... well, blogs are leaves, like leaves of a book ... leaves which blow away ... which are seldom noticed. Some of your leaves are pretty, are insightful, colorful, the type of leaves one might pick up and want to save in a book ... here is another blog for you to look at Rock the Boat.
It is about my struggle to reform the elder care system in Alabama.
Of course I spend much of my time doing other things, like raking leaves ... and taking pictures of them ... and browsing through the "blogosphere." Maybe you will visit me there sometime. Reply to TerryPS I think you need to relocate ... like get out of NYC. It is turning your brain to mush! :-)


Hi Nina,

Glad I checked back. I tried to pull your site up--for the first time in months--during your down time. Wasn't sure if you'd closed up shop. I stumbled across your site last year and became a fan (I especially enjoy your animation). I think your cartoon style is distinctive and really stands out among the crush of averageness you see on the web (or in print).

I'm just another cartoonist/animator wannabe (fortunately with a day job I like)and wanted to say hello. --Ted ( for what it's worth)

p.s. Check out the odd, little experiment of an online cartoon service (about to get) underway at Might not interest you but they could use more cartoonists of your caliber.


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