The Nina Paley Show! Sunday, November 7, 2004

Nina's animation retrospective PLUS her 1997 appearance on the Jerry Springer Show. At the Two Boots Pioneer Theater, November 7th, 2004... 7:00pm

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Got it!

That's my package art. The product is now in my pocket.


Hey, nice package!!

(I'm sorry. I tried really hard not to want to say that, but the pressure was just overwhelming.)


i cannot quite put into words how tammy's comment warms my heart- with a product like tv be-gone and a comment like that makes me feel that there is hope for this world


I do not own a tv. But I can think of many a use for that there product in your pocket. (Is "that there" hyphenated? I don't know, I'm from Canada - we don't use the term much...). My igloo has no power to it. The fire is cool to watch...


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