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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Marry and Reproduce

Saw these billboards on 35 St. near 6th Avenue.

You don't even need special alien-detecting sunglasses to read these.



Great, so we're adding to the already pervasive "make more of those babies so we can finish the earth off before the game" message (ok, that's not exactly the message, but it might as well be).
Do we also have to suggest that young women should approach this stellar goal by *dreaming*? Well of course. Dreaming is so much better than thinking - it will allow you to get that cute little revolting baby without being bothered by the consequences of taking up more space etc than we've got.

great great great.

*end of sarcasm*

I was making reference to your concept that "pregnancy is a disease and there is a cure - it's called abortion" to illustrate an argument opposing a woman who claimed that pro-choice isn't an appropriate name for the political position. She felt that women have all the choice in the world (basically don't get pregnant in the first place) so where do we get off calling it that. I suggested to her that a woman has the option to choose to carry her child to term despite the environmental devisation it will bring. Allowing her the right to make such a horrid decision, is, well, I can't imagine anything more pro-choice than that.

blah blah blah blah.

what'smypoint? I wanted them to watch the stork to bring some passion to the words, and so was rooting around for your url to pass along. And thus found your spiffy new site. sorry to hear about the old one being a snot, but -
nice site:)


It's infuriating how corporations and ad companies compare their products to events like having a baby or getting married.

I'm a man, so I might not know what it's really like, but I don't think that getting a new bra is anything at all like having a baby or getting married.

Unless they're saying that having a baby or getting married is like having some confining garment wrapped around your chest and digging into your ribs.



Wait, does the baby come with the bra like some kind of free prize?


Adland: no the bra is making your dreams of breasts of a young girl come true... or not. This concept sucks big time...


It might surprise some people to know that there are some women out there whose greatest aspiration is to have children. Or to get married. Kids/family/relationships are (and should be) a big deal.

I know women who have become so obsessed with having children that they undergo all kinds of nasty Invitro treatments. Having children is their greatest dream.

I think people's indignant attitudes at the message in these ads is very telling. If people don't want children, that's fine, but I would hope that we as a society, could be bigger and smarter about it. It's a choice some of us have made and some have not. It's not right or wrong. One thing is right for some women, and other choices might be right for others.

I'm not sure if these are good executions of these ideas. I would like to see the woman holding the baby more closely and the bride seeming more happy. But I don't think Maidenform missed the mark in trying to evoke these two important milestones in a woman's life. Here's why:

1. When women get married, they agonize over their dress and how they will look. They wonder about strapless gowns and whether they will be pulling their dress up all day (on the most important of days). I believe that one's wedding day is when one thinks most intensely about one's choice of undergarments —— both for the day of, and when the gown comes off that night. Who does not know a woman who has planned (dreamed of) their "perfect" wedding day even in advance of their finding a boyfriend? The last thing they want to remember when they think back is how uncomfortable and uncooperative their bra was.

2. Having a baby is the other intense breast-centric event in a woman's life. After birth, a woman's breast changes dramatically in size, shape, comfort, leakiness (sorry, it's a fact...) and sensation. Having a bra that helps women make this transition more easily is a major obsession for new mothers. Evoking this time and showing a woman who is obviously at peace (when most moms are not) is a good move for Maidenform.

Those who laugh at the strategy in these ads are missing the point. Maidenform is trying to reach women and connect with them when they make major Bra choices. I think these are smart.


Grant, You either work for Maidenform, or for their ad agency.


"....these two important milestones in a woman's life."

Grant, you're terrifying me. Stop right now. Thanks.


P.S. Hi Ask!


Did a Google search for Sita (my daughters name): came across your site: loved your take on Sita from Ramayana but thought that your animation was a bit Disneyish: Jungle book, perhaps (this maybe regarded as a complement). There is a serious side to the story of Sita: a woman born of the Earth, pious, marrying an 'alpha male', abducted by a beast, rescued but only to be doubted by her husband and finally relinquishing herself to her mother, the Earth.......sad. Perhaps its time to have another take on the subject: what did Sita feel? What about Hanuman: was he really that simple. And Laxman: completely selfless? And Rama....driven by duty, but did he loose the plot?


Women, we are the easiest consumers to come by. Mention things like marriage... children; and we go wild! It's sad how beautiful things like giving birth and geting married are displayed like that. Kinda takes the whole wonderful meaning out of it really.Makes it seem somewhat like a joke. Like a bra means just as much and can make you just as happy. My dream wedding was to be pregnant and naked on a beach... so I dont see where the hell a bra comes in... but whatever. They need to attack someone elses dreams and stop making them seem so far away. Thank you.


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