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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sita Sings the Blues

And so do I, so I've resumed animating my "feature" (doG help me) interpretation of the Ramayana. Here's a scene from the first musical number, where Sita and Rama are deeply in love. Ha ha, guess what happens to them?


how long does it take you to produce a musical segment? do you do it on a mac?



I loved your work when you were here in Santa Cruz, and we have your book "Depression is fun!".

I've been wondering what happened to you for a while, and I thought to google you when I saw the Cheschire Cat logo on the cruzio home page. And there you are!

Fetch is fantastic. I just love your sense of humor.

A fan,


Beautiful stuff, Nina. As you know, I have been an admirer of your work since the Daily Illini days. Seeing it online is a real pleasure for me. ~Sue B. of Hollywood


Hello Nina,
I just came to know about your site through one of my friends. Its really excellent work. BUT I condemn you calling Lord Rama as a jerk in your characters page. Please try to respect cultures and epics which are long known in history. If you cannot understand and act accordingly all I can think is that "yeah what can these people understand about epics when they don't have one of their own". Our epics teach us how to live properly and ofcourse how not to. Its up to you to whether you spread the "how to live properly part of it" or "how not to". Your sense of humor is excellent but try to use it in a way you are not hurting any culture. You should know the reason why lord rama had to leave sita before calling him names. I suggest you a good reading.


"BUT I condemn you calling Lord Rama as a jerk.."

and I condemn you for condemning my favorite animator :-)

anyway, lighten up... this is art and not everything in it need be to your tastes. It is to be critiqued, not condemned.


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