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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Master Classes make Masters from Masses

I've been teaching animation for over three years now, at Parsons School of Design, for UNESCO's "Africa Animated" program in Nairobi, and informally for friends. Now that I live in mid-town Manhattan, and still need money to support my Sita Sings the Blues habit, I'm thinking: howzabout I offer private instruction for paying individuals?

My ideal "class" would consist of two students at a time. Each student would get specialized instruction geared to their personal projects, while observing the other tackle their own animation challenges. Paired students could assist each other outside of "class," answering each other's technical questions (instead of being dependent on me) and reinforcing their learning in the process. Plus, 3 people in my studio at once would minimize uncomfortable lulls in conversation. Students would use the lessons to complete their own animated short film. Software would be Flash and Final Cut Pro (hence Mac-based) and, for the truly intrepid, Synthetik Studio Artist. Depending on students' needs, major techniques could include full (traditional) animation, cut-out animation (the technique I'm using for Sita), rotoscope (derived from live action), freaky-weird experimental techniques, and combinations thereof. Students would have to bring their own laptops and acquire their own software. I'm experienced teaching absolute beginners to advanced geniuses; students would be matched according to experience, ability and interest. (I'm better suited to teach advanced/professional level, but I love beginners who are smart and driven.)

Cost would be $75 per student per hour, two student minimum/maximum per lesson. Yeah, it's more than the one-on-one guitar lessons you can get for $40 an hour on Craigslist, but it's a lot less than $40,000 grad school tuition. I offer no degrees or certificates; all I care about is the work itself, and that's all you should care about, too. Interested parties should email me and, if sufficient interest is generated, I'll make it happen.


Hi Nina.
I would like to be your animation student, but i'm little too far (Italy).
I recently wrote you 2 emails but i had no answer.
Because i perfectly know that sometimes antispams work very well i hope that this was the problem.
In my case i do not think that can i be considered a spammer, i just made to you a proposal to be jury member of our web contest. You can say no or yes, or answer that your are still thinking about that.
I need to contact you very soon, my address is
Sorry for using your blog for this, but i do know how contact you otherwise, i hope you can cut this message from your blog after.


hey Nina,
am from's realy nice work..i like the an animator i do both flash and 2d wife have almost 4 years of animation in flash...we would like to help you if you need any kind of creative work..i love to work on this..
all the best and good wishess...


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