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Friday, February 24, 2006


I'm casting voice artists for my animated feature-in-progress, Sita Sings the Blues,
TUESDAY MARCH 14th, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm, at a sound studio in Manhattan (Chelsea). I need lively character voices with authentic Indian accents for the following roles:

Sita - heroine, devoted wife, pure, loving, chaste, yet oddly sexy
Kaikeyi - Dasharatha's second wife, scheming materialist wench
Surphanaka - Ravana's sister, demoness, smart and vengeful (this character may get axed, stay tuned)

Rama - hero, prince, god, warrior, stud, jerk
Ravana - ten-headed villain, demon king - the Snidely Whiplash of Lanka
Hanuman - monkey warrior, big, strong, powerful, devoted servant of Rama and Sita
Dasharatha - Rama's father, aged king of Ayodhya
Mareecha - a beleaguered demon wizard reluctantly pressed into Ravana's service
Luv & Kush - Sita's twin sons, about 13 years old, rambunctious adolescents
Valmiki - wise old rishi, ashram founder, poet and author of the Ramayana
Launderer - low-class misogynist

Please email me to schedule and get the exact location.

This is an independent, self-(a.k.a. un-)funded project. No big bucks here, but I'll gladly offer a token amount of cash, and we can negotiate "back-end" for if/when the finished film ever makes money. Thanks!


Oh I'm such a fan of yours. Wish I lived in NYC, I'd gladly line up to join your project.


I caught your work very recently...Would love to help out in anyway possible.If outsourcing to a college student in India is a viable option(he who doth have an amazing voice) lemme know.


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