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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm still here

but I've been busy, finishing up a 4-month freelance job that ended up taking more than 5 months. Now, at last, I'm emptying my brain of that and making room for more Sita.

Meanwhile, I've been reading Questioning Ramayanas, plus an excellent article about Telugu and Tamil Ramayana variations by editor Paula Richman; download document file here. Alert reader Divya pointed me to a new URL for one of my favorite Manushi articles about Sita that's been missing for ages. Discovered digital/intereaction design/"new media" work by surprising namesake Brad Paley, including TextArc, which I want to see analyze various Ramayanas for comparison and contrast (how would Book 3 look compared to Book 5? Or Valmiki vs. Tulsidas? Or the short abridged translations required in classic lit classes, vs. longer translations with flowery passages intact?). Once again teaching Flash for Film and Video at Parsons. Was pleasantly amazed by the Pixar show at MOMA and even shelled out 30 bucks for the catalog. Walked, ate, slept, and did laundry. Always laundry.


Woohoo, more Sita! =D

My anthropology teacher (Comparative Religions) showed us the first installment of Sita last week, and I couldn't get it out of my head, so I ended up investigating the whole thing on your site, including the FAQ and the backstory.

I'd like to applaud your brilliant synthesis of the songs and the story - it's a strange but wonderful mix. =) I also appreciate your effort, given how personal this is for you.

A sweet friend of mine suffered a similar fate in a long-term online relationship, and I think that this will comfort her to see. In particular, I admire your statement of "He acted like a total jerk, but I still have strong feelings for him (and about what he did) and I'm not ashamed of them!"

I wish you strength in dealing with your more idiotic critics, and full speed ahead in completing the Sita tale, which I can't wait to see the final product of! =)

(Ah - if you're curious, I'm a female Westerner.)



If you want to read a really good Ramayana translation and an excellent analysis about Ramayana try the Ramayana of Valmiki, An Epic of Ancient India, ed. Robert P. Goldman, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey. It will be 7 volumes (5 published already).
You may not be interested in the notes, but the introductions all of these volumes are excellent for the background of Ramayana.


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