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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Cat Animation Eventually Everyone Will See

Via Anne Altman's blog, I discovered this Flash-animated cat video that's apparently been making the cyber-rounds for a few years now. I post about it here because it's an outstanding example of the kind of "cheap-o-mation" I favor. Using only four photos of his cat, the director manages to "animate" highly watchable dance scenes lasting over a minute. Each pose is reversed, increasing their number to eight; the same photos are shown in close-up, medium, and distance shots; and of course, it's a cat, so cat-loving suckers like me are mesmerized to begin with. Admittedly, there's also the occasional interlude containing additional cat photos, which break up potential tedium. Still, the short is a fine study in economy.

Sort of related: I recently ordered free business cards, the ones where you have to choose from cheesy templates and the cards have the printer's logo on the back. The cheesy template I chose had space for a "message," in addition to name-address-title-phone-email-etc. So I included my company motto, which until now has never been expressed outside my little pea-brain. Nina Paley Animation: "where adequate is good enough."


the cat animation is hilarious...

Ravi Swami


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