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Monday, July 24, 2006

Cry me a river

I'm currently animating episode 9, wherein Sita pines relentlessly for her beloved, lost Rama. In this scene, Sita literally cries a river while Valmiki plays a tiny violin.

When this is done, I'll animate the final musical number, in which Sita returns to the Earth's womb. Since making this movie is primarily an attempt to heal my own broken heart, I see animating Sita's suicide as symbolically killing my inner Sita. Sort of like how like ancient cave painters killed their imagined prey by drawing arrows on them. I've learned to love my Sita, but I look forward to a life in which she doesn't rule my heart.

The film project itself will continue to dominate my life until 2008, when it'll hopefully be done. After the 10 musical numbers, there remain the dialog scenes, and some crazy experimental shit to do.


Dear Nina,

I discovers 'Sita' about 1 year ago, and find it a fantastic work (so far!). Notwithstanding the pain which caused it to come into being, the amazingly well-timed animation and music, the wonderfully creative ideas on images and angles, lighting even(!): you are really inspiring. And I am now an Annette Hanshaw addict.... All your fault!!

I hope you can complete Sita as you want to and on your terms.

And you definitely should be making a much greater salary!



I wish i could heal my broken heart like that! Creative people are so happy!


I wish i could heal my broken heart like that! Creative people are so happy!


Dear Nina,

I religiously ;p follow your blog and your last post made me want to write to you.
First, congratulations on your amazing work. I too have discovered Annette Hanshaw through your Sitayana. The music fits the scenes, themselves so rich, perfectly!
As brilliant as the film is by itself, what really spoke to me was your candid narration of how this project came to be. How you found the energy to suck out the pain and make something beautiful really fascinates me. Thanks for sharing your work



Hi Nina,

Love your work. Very talented, I also see that you are from Urbana - use to work there - actually lived in Rantoul Illinois 30 minutes north.
Thanks for showing your animation online - I would like to link you to my site.



Congratulations, dear Nina!



Hi Nina,

Really nice work,Nice concept also ,very Indian.Keep it up,keep blogging.



I can hardly wait until your film is done and available on DVD - I will be buying it!


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