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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Great Minds

Once Sita Sings the Blues is finished, in 2008 or so, my next project may be writing "Seder-Masochism: A Self-Hating Haggadah." This is partly a gesture of goodwill to remedy all those angry accusations that I've singled out Hinduism to pick on (if you've seen my comics, you'd know I've also picked on Catholicism, Judaism, and others), and partly a tribute to my favorite holiday growing up. I came up with the title, "Seder-Masochism," many years ago in San Francisco, when I held my own seder with that name. Fast-forward to last week, when I googled the term to see how original it was.

It's not. I'd say great minds think alike, but apparently it's been thought by minds greater than my own; minds behind Twisted Toyfare Theatre. After you read this illicit scan of Seder-Masochism, be sure to read Hulk Gets Smart. Then buy the books.

Oh, I still plan to use Seder-Masochism as the title of my Haggadah, if I ever write it. I did, after all, come up with it in parallel, rather than derivatively. As the great Jewish philosphers say: so sue me.


I've a small note, but feel free to disregard it as you don't know me and advice from strangers is usually best discarded. As someone in the arts myself (albeit marginally -- I'm an independent videogame designer) my experience has shown that creating works as a reaction to criticism -- even if it's a gesture of good will -- isn't the best use of time.

There will always be criticism of any great work that anyone ever does, and why should we use up our time trying to correct the errors of the vocal minority rather than continuing to create works that the much larger but less vocal part of our audience recognizes as good?

If you have other reasons to do this though, and the reaction to criticism is secondary, then great.

Out of curiousity, do you ever intend to do the Mahabharata too?


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