Rivalrous vs. Non-Rivalrous

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  • Nina, bear in mind that the act of physically seizing the CD is unethical in both cases – irrespective of whether a new copy is produced or the stolen copy is returned.

    People are naturally at liberty to produce copies of their own, legitimate possessions – not to burgle or steal from others in order to do so.

    If you have bought a CD or been given one then you are naturally at liberty to produce as many copies of your own property as you wish. This liberty is what copyright is supposed to suspend.

    Even without copyright people still have no liberty to pick each others pockets or snatch people’s possessions from their hands, even if they return what they’ve copied afterwards.

    The ‘you still have a copy’ aphorism is facile.

  • S

    Fitch, taking the cartoon that literally is completely antithetical to the underlying point it’s making. Please think your comments out more clearly before posting them.

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