Libertarian Debate

The Libertarian Ludwig von Mises Institute produces some of the finest, most lucid writing against Intellectual Pooperty anywhere. This cartoon is more about what happens in its blog comments.

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4 comments to Libertarian Debate

  • Paul Vahur

    Brilliant! :-D

    Oh, and also:


  • hollander

    yes, i am a socialist, but so are most of the support class for the oligopoly. it’s an unintended consequence of government price supports, all of which were put in place by liberal politicians as a way to buy votes for their bleeding heart constituencies. these policies, ostensibly meant to help the poor, hurt the poor by reducing their incentive to work via high (sometimes > 100%) marginal tax rates.

    that’s the best i can do, i have only been up for 10 minutes and i’m on 4 hours sleep.

  • Bob Robertson

    Beautiful. So very, very true.

  • I’m a Socialist and I’m okay.
    I sleep all night and I work all day.

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