'10% of our profits used to dismantle capitalism!'

Frequently Asked Questions about

Q. What is the purpose of Anarcho Syndicate?
A. Anarcho Syndicate is a media syndicate committed exclusively to distributing and promoting the fabulous comic strip, Nina's Adventures by Nina Paley.

Q. Why the name "Anarcho Syndicate"?
A. According to the IRS, I'm self-employed, which means I exploit myself for profit. However, I organized and joined forces with myself, forming an anarcho-syndicate. I then overthrew my oppressive Capitalist regime, and became a Worker Owned Collective of One.

Q. What is anarcho-syndicalism?
A. Anarchy literally means "no (an-) heirarchy (archy)," an ideal simply summed up in the doctrine, "No one is fit to boss over anyone else." Syndicalism is an economic system in which workers own and manage industry.

Q. Are you a bomb-throwing Anarchist?
A. No. Anarchists oppose coercive authority of all kinds, and violence is inherently coercive. It's true that a few violent lunatics have labelled themselves "anarchists," the same way Camille Paglia labelled herself a "feminist." Anyone can label themselves anything, but that doesn't meanthey use the labels correctly.

Q. Do you really use 10% of your profits for dismantling Capitalism?
A. Yes. Unfortunately, we have yet to turn a profit. But we have every intention of dismantling the System, as long as we participate in it fully enough to generate the funds to do so.

Q. Huh?
A. And you can help get the ball rolling by subscribing to the fabulous comic strip, Nina's Adventures by Nina Paley. It's Smart, Hip, Sophisticated, and Funny! Readers love it, and so will you.

Q. What about the other 90% of your profits?
A. Just buy the comic strip.

'10% of our profits used to dismantle capitalism!'